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Creating high quality content engages your audience & increases brand awareness

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a set of techniques aimed at creating & distributing content that helps promote a business on the internet. The goal of content marketing is to provide useful, high quality information to a target audience about and around products & services.

The idea is to increase their value & attractiveness directly or indirectly to the user, but also to increase brand awareness, brand authority and trust in the brand. All this helps attract new customers and to retain existing customers.

Generally speaking, a company’s content marketing costs are often lower than advertising costs and yet Return on Investment (ROI) can be much higher.

What is Content?

Content is everything you see on the internet, it is text, images, videos, ads, social media posts. “Content is King” was the title of the 1996 essay by Bill Gates which was first published on the Microsoft website, although methods and platforms to publish your content might have changed significantly since then, the importance of high quality content hasn’t wavered one bit.

Why is it important to create high-quality content?

  • It raises brand awareness.

  • It builds trust with your audience, who in turn will stick around a lot longer.

  • Content attracts traffic & shapes user’s perception of the product and converts visitors into customers.

  • It encourages users to buy a product or use a service after reading the content.

  • It creates better engagement with your audience on social media.

  • Will rank higher in SERP as search engines will be able to determine its relevancy to user’s search query.

  • High quality content can position your company as an authority in your industry.

  • As mentioned earlier content marketing is more cost effective than paid ads therefore quality content can save you money.

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